Believe & Trust

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    1. FS Clothing started  coming out as a hobby idea back in 2010. Ideas coming from both Chris Meza (FS Clothing model) and myself. From hand painting my first shirt to spending hours learning how to use Photoshop on the computer, we can finally start seeing the beginning of our clothing line.

    1. My main logo is a day of the dead candy skull with my initials "FS" as the eyes, which represent my own ideas and way of viewing life. "FS" stands for Freddy Santana, the creator of the line. We also use a lettering logo of the FS put together into one puzzle initial which can be found on many of our shirts.

    1. Our slogan is "Believe & Trust" - BELIEVING in what I see with my own eyes without being told what it is. TRUSTING my heart, goals and beliefs without following others dreams.

    1. All of my inspirations come from life in general such as music, art, tattoos, my own lifestyle, women and specially living in Santa Ana, CA. A big inspiration to actually launch this line was "INSPIRED" by another local clothing brand known as TODIEFOR Clothing. I grew up purchasing their shirts and really admiring their customer service. They are a big inspiration and a brand I look up to. Hope to one day do at least one shirt collab with them. 

    1. For now follow us on INSTAGRAM under @freddyfs

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